Your academic advisor was selected for you from your major area of interest as indicated on your admissions application. Your assigned academic advisor will provide a friendly, open environment that will foster self–exploration, self–awareness and self–evaluation thus enhancing a sense of personal identity, and they are accessible to all advisees and exhibit an open–door policy. Additionally, advisors assist students in exploring the possible short and long–range consequences of their choices and to facilitate student’s recognition and acceptance of personal responsibility for what happens to their lives. Advisors, with the assistance from their advisee, must focus not just on a semester–by–semester plan but a tentative college career plan that may encompass several years as well as what may or may not happen beyond college and training.

Your advisor can help you with many things. Here are a few:

  • Career Options
  • Enrollment
  • Dropping/Adding a class
  • Paperwork for changing majors and/or advisors
  • Applications for Graduation
  • Advice on courses, schools, and anything you want to talk about